Dipping my way through the Superbowl

This post comes two months late, but I am still so excited to share my highlight of the Superbowl… making the layered bean dip!

Even though this was made for the Superbowl, it would also be perfect for parties or potlucks. Heck, it would be great for any ol’ dinner, too.

My friend (and master chef) Martin & I consulted at least 5 different “7-layer bean dip” recipes before combining our favourite parts of each. The result? A fabulous 6 & 1/2 layer bean dip!

6.5 Layer Bean Dip

It would have been a true 7 layer dip but we had to omit the guacamole layer on account of a friend’s allergy. But the guac was lucky enough to be it’s very own dish!

Now for a breakdown of the layers… each equally delicious, but better together.

IMG_1470 Layer 1: Refried beans. We used canned refried beans to save time.



IMG_1471Layer 2: Sour cream. We used it plain, but mixing in some spices could make this layer even better.



IMG_1472Layer 3: Homemade salsa. Made with fresh tomatoes from the local farmer’s market!



IMG_1473Layer 4: Whole kernel corn. Again, we used canned to save time.




IMG_1475Layer 5: Chopped Kalamata olives. Fresh from the farmer’s market – delicious!



IMG_1476Layer 6: Grated mixed cheese. Pre-grated. Because we used LOTS of cheese, it would’ve taken forever to grate ourselves!



Layer 6.5: To top it all off – chopped scallions, basil & cilantro (thrown in with layers 4-6)

I will definitely be making this one again, and experimenting with the different layers. I’d like to give a huge thank you to my friend Martin for collaborating with me on this dish (he’s the real genius and pulled most of the weight).

Happy dipping!


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