CES 2015: Big & Bright

Ending an internship can be bittersweet
Looking back, you realize how much knowledge and experience you have acquired in such a short period of time. You think about the many people who have helped you along the way: some you’ll miss, some you won’t, but, nonetheless, you’re glad for all the experiences. Finally, you look towards the future, and to the doors that are now opening.

As a crazy busy 8 months (in total) of internships at Broadcom comes to an end, I wanted to look back at one of my most memorable experiences: attending the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), in Las Vegas, as a part of the Broadcom Blog Squad!


CES 2015: Non-stop
If I were to summarize CES in one word, that word would be BIG. With 170,000 attendees and a show floor spanning multiple convention centres and hotels, CES was larger than life.

As a teensy tiny part of the whole organism that was CES, I brushed up on my blogging skills (with the excellent guidance of Broadcom’s Digital Content Team) at the same time as learning about new technologies, and I ran around the show floor seeking out the weirdest and wackiest things at CES.

I improved my interview skills by chatting with some amazing Broadcom engineers.

And, I was proud to help showcase some of the cool ways that Broadcom technology is being used!

What happens in Vegas, stays [doesn’t stay] in Vegas
On top of all of that, it was also my first time in Vegas! If I were to summarize Vegas in one word, it would be BRIGHT.

Since the days were long, and we were working around the clock to produce great content for the Broadcom Blog, there wasn’t very much time left to wander around, let loose, and party it up in Vegas. My evenings were well spent – in bed – resting my feet!

But I did get to see some of the highlights: the Bellagio fountains and Caesar’s Palace.

Sin City: the biggest & brightest


Maddy at Caesar’s Palace


The Bellagio Fountains


Until next time, hasta la vista Vegas!

Disclaimer: This blog (madeleineewins.wordpress.com) reflects only the personal thoughts and opinions of the author, and NOT those of Broadcom Corporation.


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