CES 2015: Big & Bright

Ending an internship can be bittersweet Looking back, you realize how much knowledge and experience you have acquired in such a short period of time. You think about the many people who have helped you along the way: some you’ll miss, some you won’t, but, nonetheless, you’re glad for all the experiences. Finally, you look towards the… Continue reading CES 2015: Big & Bright

Embracing the granny (square) life

This semester, I wanted to start a project. Something I could pickup on evenings and weekends. I settled on a granny square blanket, partly because I wanted to improve my crocheting skills, and partly because granny squares are quick to whip up. I love this project because even though the final product is going to take a long time to… Continue reading Embracing the granny (square) life

projects, plants and push-ups

Although being in the school for the summer is a blessing because of the air conditioning, it’s a change from the typical routine of school from September – June, and summer from July – August. To keep myself from going completely crazy my first summer in school, here’s what I’ve been up to! Knitting I… Continue reading projects, plants and push-ups